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About R&SEA

Relationships and Sexuality Education Alliance is a group of passionate advocates and partner organisations and harness their collective experience and expertise to influence and advocate for: universal access to Comprehensive Relationships and Sexuality Education for all children and young people in the Australian Capital Territory. 



Membership of the Alliance currently consists of:

Katrina Marson

R&SEA Alliance President

Katrina is a criminal lawyer, having worked in both prosecution and defence - principally in the areas of family violence and sexual offences.

Tim Bavinton

SHFPACT : Executive Director

Tim is the Executive Director of Sexual Health & Family Planning ACT. SHFPACT offers reproductive and sexual health for the Canberra community. SHFAPCT is Canberra's sexual health promotion charity.

Leah Dwyer

YWCA Canberra

Leah is passionate about the role of government and community in building positive outcomes for women, children and families who are vulnerable or in crisis.

Veronica Elliott

ACT Council of Parents & Citizens Associations

As the Policy Officer for the ACT Council of Parents & Citizens Associations, Veronica develops policy and advocacy based on the experiences of parents and carers via their P&Cs.

Dr Kelly Frame

Dr Kelly Frame has worked in the field of education for over a decade, teaching secondary, undergraduate, and postgraduate students and academic staff.

Dr Sheridan Kerr

SHFPACT : Senior Director

Sheridan is the Senior Director at SHFPACT. In her current and previous roles, she has advocated for the right for children, young people and adults with disability to access meaningful and engaging relationships and sexuality education. She has worked across disability and all education sectors supporting staff to create classrooms and environments that are safe for all.

James McDougall

Institute of Child Protection Studies : Policy Officer

Principled and Pragmatic, James has experience in management, governance, law and policy particularly in supporting children, young people, their families and their communities.


Comprehensive Relationships and Sexuality Education?

There is a straightforward definition of Relationships and Sexuality Education that includes education lessons, activities, modules, curricula, or programs broadly relating to relationships, sex, sexuality, sexual health, respectful relationships, families, puberty, bodies, and reproduction.


Why should access to Comprehensive Relationships and Sexuality Education be legislated?

Governments are responsible for the wellbeing of their population. Comprehensive Relationships and Sexuality Education is a fundamental health measure designed to promote sexual wellbeing and prevent sexual violence.


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